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Cash's moving - innovative cash flow management system


SecurSafe is the new way to have cash flows monitored, managed and checked by authorised users only via a restricted access, in a secure way and at any time of the day.


An advanced solution to manage transactions, monitor and collect takings in real time, thus allowing users to securely scan, manage and handle cash.


Our mission is to offer automated and semi automated takings and withdrawal systems, connected with banks, credit cards and blockchains, in total security and with dramatic costs decrease.


A special certified 
that efficiently manages the cash flow 

SecurSafe is the new way to have cash flows monitored, managed and checked by authorised users only via a restricted access, in a secure way and at any time of the day.
It offers real-time monitoring of cash takings, enabling users to gather information on performance indicators and enhance Point Of Sale profitability.
The proprietary software has a special certified algorithm that efficiently manages the cash flow and is the basis of the innovative CASHINOW® project.


Enjoy the best
design and functions combined together

An advanced PLEASANT solution to manage transactions, monitor and collect takings in real time, thus allowing users to securely scan, manage and handle cash.

Authorised users can log in with their ID and password to monitor cash via the Internet. Any unauthorised withdrawal automatically generates all system alarms.


We provide creative solutions!

How is SecurSafe made ?

SecurSafe is an innovative cash recycling tray to be installed inside the Point Of Sale and connected to the client’s management software suite or till.

The loaded banknotes are scanned, collected and recorded by an ECB-tested feeder machine.
When a pre-established threshold is reached, the machine sends a signal to the CIT company to arrange the pick-up.
Our technical service will receive all the information from SECURLINQ® to activate the solution on time (SLA) requirements.
Each technician is equipped with a handheld for receiving and taking responsibility of intervention.

SecurSafe benefits

The SecurSafe software SECURLINQ® comes with an Application Programming Interface providing a set of customisable features including transmission of data to the bank management software, monitoring of various points of sale at the same time, of the individual operator loading the money in each point of sale, and of the loaded banknotes.

-No more risky and unsafe cash handling.
-Reduced insurance costs
-Human mistakes
-Real-time information
-Direct deposit on Bank account
-Improves hygiene in locations where cash and food are handled
-Reduces cash exposure and eliminates discrepancies
-Improves productivity

SecurSafe solution

SecurSafe comes in two product lines, JERMAN and FORCE, that have been designed to meet different needs.

The SecurSafe FORCE recycling solutions are targeted for retailers . Specially conceived to speed up cash movements, they benefit clients and cashiers alike, as contact with. Itcan be installed either facing the customer or the cashier.
Specifically devised for small- and medium and large-scale retailers, the SecurSafe JERMAN enables users to manage a significant number of transactions and monitor cash movements in real time while gathering performance-related data quickly and efficiently.

Professional services

Our technical service is present throughout the Italian national territory and for support, in excalation, in foreign countries where we are already present.
Each new model, FORCE and JERMAN, is connected to our data cloud server for real-time reception of anomalies.
The central help desk has the task of contacting the customer for a first resolution of the problem which, in the case, is sent to the technician’s PDA for call dispachment and subsequent work in progress.
Every technician has at his disposal every type of spare part for repair and a local PUDO where spare parts are present for the interventions as required by the general maintenance contract.

A few things we’re great at

CASHINOW® PROJECT, with it we can provide any information about your transactions, create a dedicated project with all SAVINGS information over time (ROI).


We integrate every management software on the market whatever the reference sector.
This allows us to be flexible and to generate a SPECIFIC PROJECT for the customer.


We offer a customized solution for your work environment.
Thanks to highly specialized personnel we provide you with the turnkey solution.


ROI (Return Of Investment), is one of the peculiarities of our work.
Each project requires an in-depth study because each client has different needs. Our experts will provide you with a plan indicating your GUARANTEED SAVINGS.


SECURLINQ® is our portal where all real-time transaction data resides, each customer has their own personalized and PROTECTED access with integrated CYBER SECURITY systems.
With SECURLINQ you can see all the movements by cash point and reconciled at the end of the day.

Our MISSION: Reserch & Development

We have goals to achieve every year and we do it with passion; we always carry out research and develop new technological horizons.
Cash back and Cryptocurrency are just some of the projects, and in the near future we will have as a goal to create a 360 ° payment system for IPOVEDENTS.

We are proud to do so because we believe in a technological future where cash and electronic payment shall be one.

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