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Cash's moving - innovative cash flow management system

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Best start up nomination

Il giorno 24 Marzo 2019 SECURSAFE è stata premiata come miglior start-up innovativa del Veneto. Abbiamo lasciato il segno con la nostra tecnologia ed abbiamo fatto centro, con una diretta su RAI1 abbiamo presentato SEURSAFE alla plateo ed a tutti coloro che erano in live streaming. La gestione del contante era ed è solo l’inizio,…
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Jerman FULL

The first JERMAN FULL was installed, the brand new front office series with cash recirculation and check dressing. It is the first armored series that can be opened only by personnel authorized to transport cash. It is also connected to the bank for crediting the paid into current account, has a programmable cash fund and…
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Il Sole 24 Ore Special events

An innovative POS cash management solution. Manual cash management and cash counting procedures are dramatically reduced and thoroughly monitored via automatic systems. Underpinning SecurSafe self-checkout recycling machines – also including a system to manage POS electronic transactions – is SecurSafe state-of-the-art software. The system allows users to manage each individual cash register without having to…
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