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Cash's moving - innovative cash flow management system

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What is SecurSafe?

An advanced solution to manage transactions, monitor and collect takings in real time, thus allowing users to securely scan, manage and handle cash.

Authorised users can log in with their ID and password to monitor cash via the Internet. Any unauthorised withdrawal automatically generates all system alarms.

How is SecurSafe made?

SecurSafe is an innovative cash recycling tray to be installed inside the Point Of Sale and connected to the client’s management software suite or till.

The loaded banknotes are scanned, collected and recorded by an ECB-tested feeder machine. When a pre-established threshold is reached, the machine sends a signal to the CIT company to arrange the pick-up.

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How does SecurSafe work?

The SecurSafe software comes with an Application Programming Interface providing a set of customisable features including transmission of data to the bank management software, monitoring of various points of sale at the same time, of the individual operator loading the money in each point of sale, and of the loaded banknotes.

SecurSafe benefits

The name says it all: security. No more risky and unsafe cash handling and transport operations resulting in considerably reduced insurance costs. Once loaded, cash will be collected by the CIT company only.

Moreover, human mistakes and shortages are avoided as the feeder machine monitors all transactions. Real-time information on takings is always available, thus optimising cash flow monitoring and Point Of Sale performance data calculation.

Which is the SecurSafe solution that best suits my business?

SecurSafe comes in two product lines that have been designed to meet different needs.

Specifically devised for small- and medium and large-scale retailers, the SecurSafe Jerman enables users to manage a significant number of transactions and monitor cash movements in real time while gathering performance-related data quickly and efficiently. This burglar-proof smart safe system deposits the money loaded during the day directly to the current account.

The Force recycling solutions are targeted at large-scale retailers. Specially conceived to speed up cash movements, they benefit clients and cashiers alike, as contact with banknotes and coins is avoided when serving customers, thus ensuring the fulfilment of any applicable hygiene requirements. The GD series system can be installed either facing the customer or the cashier. It is provided with our SecurSafe self-learning software through which any cash shortage or overage is avoided and the whole cash flow management process efficiently monitored.

Supplied as an optional feature for small retailers, the Jerman 12000 system is a must-have solution for large-scale retailers and their back office staff performing cash settlement operations. It is fitted with two burglar-proof access points, one of them positioned externally for CIT pick-up operations.

You can deposit up to 17.000 notes and 30.000 coins.

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