Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

On-site assistance:

The assistance service is performed by our specialized technicians who will intervene in the agreed contractual times.
The purpose of the service is to restore, in the event of failure or defect, the functionality of the equipment in the system by replacing and / or repairing the defective parts. The interventions are usually carried out on-site. If on-site maintenance is not possible due to objective technical difficulties or if the intervention is not sufficient to re-establish normal operations on time, transfer and revision to the laboratory are envisaged.


The Help Desk is the priority support for requests for information and for solving problems. The diagnosis of the problem exposed by the user, aimed at discriminating between possible hardware, software malfunction and difficulty in using the product, will be carried out by specialized personnel with suitable experience and capacity in problem solving and customer care.

Assistance telephone number: 800 – 180978
Assistance email:
Assistance timetable: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (excluding holidays)

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